"The Story" EP 

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This song and music video has been in the making for a long time. Two years ago I wrote this "Reflection" not knowing what it would become. Writing in my journal each day about the hardships that I endured. Feelings turned into lyrics and I created a song that I want to inspire others with. Hardships and obstacles that I overcame to be where I am now. To all the people along the way who hurt me, lied to me, betrayed me, disappointed me, broke my heart, you unknowingly pointed me in the direction of my own North Star. Without these struggles I would not have found my strengths. You taught me more than you could ever take away from me. Always believe in yourself and never give up because anything is possible.

I wrote a three song EP called "The Story," which includes "Reflection", "Back To Me", and "Never Letting Go". The second song in my EP is “Back To Me.” I wrote this song after the hardships I faced with bullying. The inspiration came from learning to trust and love again after being hurt and let down. The line in the song “can you bring me back to life” shows that I was so broken down that I wanted to move forward and find the strength to trust and love people again. The third song in my EP is called “Never Letting Go.” This song sums up my EP in the sense that you should never let go of what you want and never give up because anything is possible. Through everything I had gone through no matter what, I knew that I was never going to give up on my dream. I want this song to inspire others, no one should let what anyone says stop them from going for what they want. A line in the song that is so important to me is, “Take the risk or the chance to lose it all, let the burning desire go,” meaning you should always take a chance on anything that you believe in. For me I took the chance to live my dreams and pursue what I love to do which is singing. This is my story, and I'm glad that I am able to share it with the world in hopes to inspire and help others.

In the movie "The Streetz"